GOD’s Choice for Me

Now that you have read today’s Bible study and you are thinking about suitability and not “compatibility”, how has this changed your mind about how you see relationships and marriage?

Remember, GOD is preparing you to be a blessing, as well as, He is preparing you to receive one!


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Intimacy with God!

Our conversations (prayers) and time spent with God should change us. Just as intimate shared moments between a mother and child that creates a lasting impression for a lifetime of instructions given with love and concern. God desires to nuture us in the same way if we submit to His Spirit.

What does it mean to be intimate? Obviously this word is not limited to a physical relationship since we are encouraged to be “intimate” with God.

So how do we become “lovers” of God?

When we see believers in Scripture walking and talking with God, what does their interaction with God teach us about our own communication with God?

What are some of the ways you find yourself communicating with God?

Are there any obstacles or stumbling blocks in your conversation with God that you can identify?

Continue to abound in His grace and to abide in His love.

Pressing Toward the Mark – Pastor Castle

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Thank You!

As we stand on the edge of 2013 approaching the threshold of 2014, what are you thanking God for this past year and more importantly what are you trusting God for in 2014?

Will we enter into the New Year with faithfulness and thanksgiving in our hearts for a loving and merciful God?

Will you let your life be filled with the divine possibilities and blessings of our Lord and Savior in 2014?

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Ribs & Relationships!

How many times have you found yourself frustrated in a relationship because the other person just does not seem to get it? You find yourself feeling misunderstood and unappreciated and you are not sure why you feel this way!

How does this Bible study help us to understand the importance of sacrifice and giving as part of healthy relationships?

Does this Bible study help you to see how destructive selfishness can be in a relationship and how selfishness goes against every precept God has established marriage on?

How has this passage of scripture and this lesson changed the way you see the roles of men and women in relationships?

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You Are Unique!

How special am I in the eyes of God? If we were to be truthfully honest with ourselves, everyone has asked that question from time to time.

Where you able to think of some ways in which you know you are unique in God’s eyes after reading today’s Bible Study?

When we consider how unique God has made the relationship between men and women, how do these truths change how we see our own relationships?

Have you considered God’s unique purpose and desire for your life?

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God Said It!

1 Samuel 15:22 “Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice!”

The result of disobedience always brings the same thing – Death (Genesis 2:17). Just know, if God put disobedient angels out of heaven and cast them into hell (2 Peter 2:4-6), how can men who are less than angels believe we can be disobedient to God and still go to heaven? “God is not man that He should lie!” Disobedience and rebellion always get the same thing – the judgment and wrath of God, because disobedience and rebellion always reject the mercy of God (Jesus Christ).

How will you handle your test today? Will you pass with the grace of God? How will you act? How will you react?

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God and You, Really

Have you ever wondered if God is really interested in knowing you? Ever ask yourself, “Is it really important to God who I choose to become?” Have you ever asked God, “God, where are we going in this relationship of ours?”

Have you truly opened your heart and your mind to God? Have you listened to hear God’s purpose for your life? Has He shown you your Spiritual gift that enables you to serve Him and others?

Don’t spend so much time talking to God, that you never hear Him speak to you. Learn how to listen to God speak to you.


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